Mom Hacks for an Awsome Mom Life

Mom hacks. Life should be and is easy. Sometimes we over think it. Sometimes we are coming from great intentions but get caught up in trying to go the extra mile or be the extra because we believe that if we don’t, we won’t be a good mom. STOP! You are a good, no AMAZING mom. How? Because you get up every morning and give love unconditionally to your children every single day by helping them become successful, by giving them what they need and even want most of the day. You give to them when sometimes you don’t have anything to give. That is what makes you an awesome mom. So, when you look at an article titled Mom Hacks do you start to think What can make my life easier while looking and being super mom even though you are super tired? Here are some hacks that might help take the pressure off this season. These hacks might just save your sanity this year.

1. Stop doing all the things.
You know what works for you and your family. You know how your kids will handle extra events, multiple family members, late nights and missing meal times. Its ok if you are not able to make it to every single holiday event held by well-meaning and excited relatives and friends. Sometimes it isn’t going to work and that’s ok. Putting your family’s needs and well-being first by spending a quiet night at home instead of the lighting of the downtown Christmas tree with your extended relatives is the best plan. When your kid is melting down because they missed their nap and they need some down time give them your phone at the table. Its ok. Sometimes staying in pajamas all day watching the Grinch is more festive than going out to take family pictures with Santa. I’m just saying that we already put a lot of pressure on ourselves during the year with going to events and doing activities, its ok to say no especially around the holidays when time and patience can be at a higher demand.

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2. Stop caring what other people think.
For real. You are doing a great job. You are doing your best. Are their places to improve? Of course, but you are using the tools you have and are willing to get new and improved ideas and tricks to keep doing a better and better job as a parent. Otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this article. So, give yourself a pat on the back. Don’t stress if your kid is crying in the cart because you told them no to the box of chocolates shaped like a Minion. That’s awesome you are setting boundaries. Or you gave them the box of chocolates because you were trying to avoid the tantrum in the store cause you wanted to get in and out and there is a giant line at the checkout? That’s awesome too it’s called self-care or preservation. There is not a wrong way to do it. Parenting is a journey for both you and your child. Try to enjoy the process.

3. Find the Joy
Remember what you loved about Christmas as a kid? The lights, the tree, the presents or maybe baking cookies with your mom. Whatever it was go back to that place. Feel how it felt to experience those things. Bring your children in on that fun with you. You don’t need lots of expensive toys or the latest gadgets. Playing a game of Guess Who with your 8- year-old drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music might be the best gift of the year. Or making a giant mess in the kitchen baking and decorating Christmas cookies, or just watching a classic Christmas movie at home. The trick is to catch the feeling you had and put it into the activity with your child. Recreating and creating excitement, love, happiness and fun doing what you are doing is why we wanted to be a parent in the first place right?

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4. Give the gift to yourself
This Holiday season what gift are you giving to yourself? A night out with your partner-in-crime with no kids, a long soak in a warm bath alone with your favorite book, a new bottle of lotion that smells amazing or taking a night off from cooking and ordering pizza, whatever sounds and feels good to you I want you to indulge yourself. You are important and a huge part of making your kids feel good. If you are stressed, not taking care of yourself or recharging your energy supplies you are not being the best mom you can be. Taking care of yourself is an important, if not the most important, part of parenting. What about my kids? How will they manage without me or being able to access me? They will do just fine. In fact, it’s a wonderful message that you are sending them about how they should take care of themselves, by putting their emotional health above anyone’s else’s. About how it is important to continue to do the things that make us individuals and creative and healthy. When your children become adults, you want them to be happy and successful. This skill is the best gift you can give your kids all year round.

I hope these mom hacks helped you to realize that you are an awesome mom. You don’t need to do or be extra. Love yourself, love your kids and love the life you are living. If you are not enjoying the ride of being a parent I challenge you to create the parenting journey you want to be a part of. Make your life easier, change the mindset that you have to live up to the impossible Pintrest worthy status of what a good mom looks like and redesign it into YOUR awesome mom life.


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